Course curriculum

    1. Crystal Spirit Medicine Audio

    2. Crystal Medicine Video

    1. Butterfly Medicine Audio

    2. Butterfly Medicine Video

    1. Tree Medicine Audio

    2. Tree Medicine Video

    1. Fairy Plant Spirit Medicine Audio

    2. Fairy Plant Spirit Medicine Video

    1. Rose Fairies

    2. Rose Fairies

    1. Cosmic Fairies Audio

    2. Cosmic Fairies Video

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 12 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content

Fairy Medicine

Explore the different aspects of fairy magic in Mother Nature. Deep your relationship with fairies in different aspect of your world.

  • Crystal Medicine- Explore the magical healing crystal kingdom. Deeply connect with different crystals and stones. Explore Crystal chakra healing, crystal grids, consecrating crystals and Co-creation with crystals for healing and meditation. Experience the energy of different crystals and stones Communication with the devas of the crystals. Receive Attunements to the crystal devas

  • Fairy Plant Spirit Medicine-Connect with the healing energy of the fairy plant kingdom and the garden fairies! Connect with the plants that are part of your soul family. Work with the fairies to awaken your plant healing connection. Work the the fairies to bless your garden and house plants! Be in tune with the magical spiritual energies of the plant kingdom!

  • Tree Medicine- Explore the healing energy of trees. Receive an attunement to tree communication. Lift the veil to the tree kingdom which has a hidden network all over the planet! Connect with the healing wisdom and kindness of the trees. Guided meditation to connect with the secret magical world of the trees and the hidden fairy kingdoms that they harbor!

Deepen Your Relationship with the Fairy Kingdom