Calling Medicine Woman

Awaken your ancient powers. Let’s embark on this sacred journey together and  unlock the self-healer within you.  As we collectively witness the rise of the divine feminine, it's time for the Medicine Women to emerge and lead with power and wisdom.

Course curriculum

    1. Awakening the Voice of the Medicine Woman

    2. Intro with Andrea and Joanna

    1. Awakening the Medicine Woman

    2. Awakening the Medicine Woman Journal

    3. Awakening the Medicine Woman Audio

    1. Path of the Medicine Woman

    2. Path of the Medicine Woman Journal

    3. Path of the Woman Audio Only

    1. Medicine Women Manifesting Wheel

    2. Medicine_Woman_Manifesting Wheel Journal

    3. Medicine Woman Manifesting Wheel Audio

    1. About Mystic Temple

    2. About Joanna Wiley

    3. About Andrea Dombecki

About this course

  • $111.00
  • 4 hours of class content
  • 3 PDF workbooks (45 pages total)

Discover the Power of Your Inner Medicine Woman

Join us on a transformative journey:

  • Awaken your inner Medicine Woman and embrace her presence in your life.

  • Connect with ancestral guides and embrace the wisdom they offer.

  • Discover and claim your unique spiritual gifts.

  • Explore your ancient homelands and spiritual lineages.

  • Embody the essence of your Medicine Woman self, stepping forward with her wisdom and strength.


Andrea Dombecki

With over 20 years experience channeling healing and guidance from the angel and fairy realm, Andrea is passionate about awakening others to their angel and fairy healing lineage. She sees so much value in developing a relationship with the angels and fairies, especially for people who are psychic, spiritually gifted, lightworkers or even incarnated angels or fairies! The angels are at the forefront of her spiritual work as trusted guides. She is excited to connect with like-minded soul family who want to explore their relationship with the angels as healing guides and mentors. Channeling angels has been such gift in her life that she loves to help others awaken to this ability. Andrea was a psychic child and started channeling angels over 20 years ago. Then about 14 years ago she start do professional readings and classes. She felt a strong call to share the messages of the angels and with humanity. She loves to combine angelic prayer. angel energy healing and angel channeling all together as a way to work with angels. She also loves to channel fairy unicorns, pegasus and other magic beings. You can contact her at [email protected] with any questions. ​

Joanna Wiley

Joanna Wiley has been practicing Shamanic and Energetic Medicine for 20 years in 5 lineages (Peruvian, Mayan, Celtic, Lakota, Cree), and 26 years of Yoga and Buddhism. She is a multiple Mesa Carrier and weaves together a tapestry of shamanic medicine, healing arts, sacred space, meditations, and journeys through non-dual wisdom teachings. Joanna’s passions are co-creating healthy and resilient communities, land honouring rituals, permaculture, and ceremonies. She leads Trauma Informed Practices in her One-On-One Sessions, and Teaches Courses in: Archetypal Mesa Medicine Wheel, Peruvian Pleiadean Priestesses (Q’oto Kuna), Peruvian Goddesses (Nustas), Monthly Goddess Circles, Fire Ceremonies, Energetic Medicine Classes, Healing Temples and Ceremonies.